Frequent Questions

Q: What night will be child be playing on?
A: While we have booked the diamonds with the Town of Bracebridge, until we know how many players are in each division, we cannot guarantee which nights they will be playing.

Q: I don’t live in Bracebridge. Can my child join Bracebridge Minor Ball Association?
A: Absolutely! The vast majority of our players are from Bracebridge and the surrounding areas.  However, every year we are pleased to welcome players from nearby towns or cottagers who are spending the summer with us in Muskoka.

Q: What’s the difference between Softball and Fastball?
A:  No difference really.  Softball refers to the type and size of ball, as well as the fact that the ball is pitched underhand.  As skills increase, the game becomes more recognized as ‘Fastball’, because of the speed of the pitch.

Q: My child has no experience playing softball.  Is that a concern?
A: Definitely not.  We start our youngest players in the T-Ball division.  However, we pride ourselves in welcoming players of all skill level and experience.

Q: Where does my registration money go?
A: Directly back to the players of BMBA.  All money goes toward such costs as uniforms, diamond fees, equipment, trophies, insurance, etc..   All coaches and committee members are 100% volunteers.

Q: Can my child please be on a team with his/her friend?
A: Maybe.  We recognize that some players want to be with their friends, but we can’t always guarantee it.  We certainly keep siblings (of the same age/division) together if requested.  However, we encourage parents to help their young player see this as an opportunity to meet new friends.  If there is a special circumstance, please let us know when you register your child.

Q: Can my child move up or down a division more suitable to their skill level?
A: It’s possible.  If you believe that your child should be moved up, or down in the House League division;  Please inform us at the time of registration, or consult with your child’s coach if this is discovered after the season begins.  We will consider this on a case by case basis, while considering safety, self-esteem, and ability of all players.  Select Players will be expected to play within their own age group.

Q: Is this a co-ed league?
A: It sure is.  We have males and females in our league.  Many of our players have ‘graduated’ and are now playing in the Bracebridge Men’s or Ladies Fastball Leagues.

Q: What happens when my child turns 18?
A: Bracebridge is also home of very successful Men’s and Ladies Fastball Leagues, and they have been very supportive of Bracebridge Minor Ball.  They gladly accept ‘graduates’ from our league, where they can continue to enjoy this awesome game!  Softball is also a very popular sport, in general, so opportunities are ongoing.

Q:  How can I help?
A: If you are interested in volunteering any hours at all, please send us an e-mail or contact anyone on the committee.  We have a variety of roles that need to be filled and any assistance is greatly appreciated.  As the saying goes, “many hands make light work”.

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Bracebridge Minor Baseball Association