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Caregiver InfoAdditional Info
Colton Vanderzand (2014)Gerrit Vanderzand ( 17056418703)
Lisa Vanderzand ( 7056465292)
If at all possible could Colton Vanderzand play on / with Maxwell McKenzie this season. Thanks
Colton Wallwin (2017 (T-Ball))Kari-Anne Wallwin ( 250-270-0125)
( )
We have a 2-2-3 shared parenting arrangement and Coltons father will not agree to take him to any activities so Colton will only be able to attend on days when he is in my care unfortunately
Mason Montgomery (2014)Heather Montgomery ( 7056449773)
Steve Montgomery ( 7056411464)
Leo Hoos (2018 (T-Ball))Kaitlyn Hoos ( 7053945805)
( )
Would like Leo Hoos and thatcher Cowan on the same team if possible
Parker Bridle (2018 (T-Ball))Katie Bridle ( 7053945283)
Andrew Bridle ( 7057062868)
He would love to be with his friend Thatcher Cowan if possible.
Austin Laskey (2009)Norman Laskey ( 7053451453)
Robin Schell ( 7053451753)
Kapree Laskey (2013)Norman Laskey ( 7053451453)
Robin Schell ( 7053451753)
She wants to be on a team with Colton Vanderzand if possible Please.
Benjamin Boyes (2010)Michelle Boyes ( 7057060606)
Steve Boyes ( 7058015666)
Benjamin played on the rep team (with coach Greg Zedic) before covid hit...he is interested in rep again, if you are interested in having him! Just let us know what we need to do! Its been a long two plus years for these kiddos! Also...shirt size...Im not sure?? Can someone call me pretty please? Thanks bunches in advance! 🙂
Liam Kirk (2010)Haley Middlebrook ( 7056440197)
( )
Maxwell MacKenzie (2014)Chuck MacKenzie ( 7058015139)
Nicole MacDonald ( 7058016038)
Walker Quinton (2018 (T-Ball))Kelly Quinton ( 7052051117)
Geoff quinton ( 7052057111)
Mitchy Clayton (2016)Tim Clayton ( 7056418465)
Sherri Clayton ( 7053801449)
If 2014 and 2016 aged players are able to play on the same team, we would like for Drew and Mitchell to play on the same team.
Colton Campbell (2018 (T-Ball))Christi Campbell ( 705-644-4624)
( )
The Registration said I had to click Yes to the above statements, however: I do not consent to the user of photographs of myself and my child, Colton, taken throughout the season, being displayed on the BMBA website, Facebook page and/or submitted to the local papers.
Liam WHITWORTH (2012)Ed Whitworth ( 7056449853)
Tammy ( 7055710053)
I would like Liam on the JSW team if there is one.
Riley Bunn (2010)Jessica Bunn ( 705-641-0580)
Graydon Bunn ( 705-787-8105)
We would like to request Riley be on the same team as Jack Shelly (mother: Krista Shelly) as we will be attempting to car pool as my job sometimes has unpredictable hours and sometimes struggle to get home and to the field in time. Thank you for taking this into concideration.
Jack Shelly (2010)Krista Shelly ( 705-641-1309)
Trevor Shelly ( 705-641-1207)
If Jack could at all be on the same team as Riley Bunn that would help as I will be driving them most of the time. Thank you
Ivy Herbert (2015)Jay Herbert ( 6472073688)
Cara Valiquette ( 4168050436)
I'm happy to provide some support for the team, but cannot commit to always being available for coaching or asst. coaching. Jay Herbert, Ivy's dad.
Chase McAulay (2011)Julia Harrison ( 9058153830)
Brian McAulay ( 705-794-0378)
Very excited to join first baseball team. Hope to drive up for most practices from Barrie during may/june.
Jake Hutson (2017 (T-Ball))Sara Hutson ( 7056465390)
Ryan Hutson ( 7052051084)
We would like to be on the same team as Peyton Raynor if possible. Thanks!
Andrew Beaton (2009)Lynn Beaton ( 4167082240)
Paul Beaton ( 6472418280)
Andrew is interested in umpiring, is there a program for kids starting out in umpiring?
Riisyn Al faiadhi (2009)Stephanie Jarick ( 5197091295)
Allan Jarick (grandpa) ( 7052051432)
Im originally from Torrance, my whole family is still there. My son moves up there for the summer. He a great kid and wants to give baseball a go. He is 12 , about 59 almost I think. My friends back home say the Bandits are a great group to join 🙂
Abigale (Abby) Harder (2010)Gould ( 705 5712220)
Seth Harder ( 705 644 0161)
Abby plays hockey but this is her first time since T ball playing baseball. She is very comfortable with boys and girls. In hockey she is a goalie- she may make a good back catcher.
Payton Bynoe (2016)Jaimie Bynoe ( 647-300-4963)
Michael Bynoe ( 705-644-0796)
Payton has recently broken her right arm We will have an update April 13th on how long she will be in a cast for but we are hopeful by the time baseball season starts, she will be fine to play. I will ask the doctor to be certain there will not be any issues.
Fayth Carr (2009)Lezleyanne ribble ( 705 205 2204)
Jeremy carr ( 7052052530)
My daughter will be attending camp through her school from May 22nd to May 27th. That week would be the only time she misses practice.
Graydyn Buie (2010)Michael Buie ( 7052050389)
( )
Requesting both Rylynn Buie and Graydyn Buie be placed on the same team. I Michael Buie will help out the team whenever possible. Thank you
Rylynn Buie (2010)Michael Buie ( 7052050389)
( )
I would like to request that both Rylynn Buie and Graydyn Buie be placed on the same team. I Michael Buie will assist thr team whenever possible. Thank you.
Jakob Josiak (2009)Jennifer Josiak ( 7058015506)
Scott Josiak ( 7052051112)
Would like to be placed on a team with Braeden Post
Chloe Forth (2010)Sara bullock ( 7056461434)
Sara ( 7057061225)
Hailyn McNabb (2008)Barb McNabb ( 705-741-6651)
Nick McNabb ( 705-795-2247)
Kylie McNabb (2011)Barb McNabb ( 705-741-6651)
Nick McNabb ( 705-795-2247)
Please put Kylie on the same team as Jasmine Dickson. Thank you 🙂
Hudson McNabb (2014)Barb McNabb ( 705-741-6651)
Nick McNabb ( 705-795-2247)
Please put Hudson on the same team as Jacob Dickson. Thank you 🙂
Tenleigh Sterne (2013)Rebecca Sterne ( 9057164711)
Johnny Sterne ( 4164321316)
Please ensure that Tenleigh and Georgia are on the same team and we are requesting that they are on the same team as their good friends Lillian and Kaitlin Murphy. James Murphy, their dad, has volunteered to coach their team this season and we have signed all of the girls up based on the fact that we want it to be a FUN activity for them and to keep learning new skills in baseball, along side friends.
Georgia Sterne (2014)Rebecca Sterne ( 9057164711)
Johnny Sterne ( 4164321316)
Same note as Tenleigh 🙂
Peter Brown (2009)Samantha Bigley ( 705-706-0445)
( )
Peter hasnt played in a few years but did play when he was a bit younger. He was hoping to be on Tiernan ORourkes team if he does decide to sign up as hes the only friend Peter knows who is playing.
TJ Babcock (2007)kevin babcock ( 7056443049)
Logan Babcock ( 7053947557)
For transportation purposes, player TJ would like to be on the same team as Edwin Guthrie please
Jacob Alsop (2011)Sara West ( (905) 954-5854)
Steve Alsop ( (905) 726-0063)
Jacob is very athletic (good at everything he tries) but hasnt played on a team since T-ball (age 5) and may need guidance at first.
Emma Alsop (2013)Sara West ( (905) 954-5854)
Steve Alsop ( (905) 726-0063)
Emma has never played on a team sport, though she was in dance up until Covid. She is quite shy at first too, and may need reminders to stay focused/ on what to do.
Addie Heffernan (2017 (T-Ball))Rebecca Heffernan ( 5194002201)
Ben Heffernan ( 2269793135)
Depending on the night and time I may be able to assist
Edwin Guthrie (2007)Andrew Guthrie ( 705 801 9350)
Carolyn Guthrie ( 705-801-5712)
Can you put him on the same team as TJ Babcock. To help with driving to and from the ball park. Thank you,
William Greig (2014)Ian greig ( 7057067266)
Jessica greig ( 7057067000)
Can be on team with Jack Bush if possible?
Liam Rodgers (2009)Melissa Veitch ( 7056442299)
Matt Veitch ( 7056442338)
Liam played baseball when he was younger and then he took some time off. Then covid hit but he is so excited to play this year!
Macgregor Brown (2010)Michelle Brown ( 7057062457)
Rob Brown ( 7057065079)
Don Collison, grandfather of Macgregor Brown would like to assist with a team if needed.
Charlie Parsons (2010)Alison Parsons ( 7052055510)
Brent Parsons ( 7056849737)
Can he please be placed on a team with Jasper Dutcher if possible. Thank you 🙂
Colton Styles (2013)Nicole Styles ( 7053947169)
Matt Styles ( 7053945434)
If possible, we would really like it if Colton could be on Colton Vanderzand's team. Thank you! Looking forward to the season.
Austin Canning (2010)Billy Canning ( 2899412566)
( )
My son will be free to play mid-July. Week of the 18th. I just received an email that he would be eligible to play in the house league.